• homes


    Organizing / Decorating / Staging

    • Living and dining rooms
    • Kitchens
    • Bedrooms
    • Finances
    • Closets, clothes and shoes
    • Home and outside offices

    We specialize in finding unique pieces and helping families on a budget. Tell us what you can afford. We'll see what we can do.



    "….I just got home and the place looks amazing!...." Ana R. in River West, Chicago, IL

    "….Oh my God! Can I hug you!...." Loren in Gold Coast, Chicago, IL

    "….She {Susie} has brought order, peace, tranquility and beauty to my home in a way that appears effortless….." "…She is great at using what you have and placing it on perfect synergy for maximum comfort that fits you and your family. All the while cleaning what is there, discarding what is not useful, and adding those missing pieces inexpensively (this doll shops her butt off not resting til she has found the best deal for your missing piece). SHE DOES THOSE JOBS NO ONE WANTS TO DO! She is not intimidated by any job...messy closets, basements, garages, homes, offices or cars. She is a BEAST! Just trust her to do her thing move out the way and watch in AMAZEMENT! IF that is not enough she does resumes, business plans, budgets, anything administrative…." Inetta P. ~ United Center, Chicago

    We hope our next testimonial will be from you? We're happy organizing lives.


  • persnl

    Personal Management

    • We manage your life as best you allow us. We carefully listen to your home and business issues and try to do the best job possible handling them.
    • Being a personal manager is similar (in our opinion) to an agent for a celebrity or professional sports player, except YOU have the final say-so in the decision being made without manipulation.
    • As a personal manager we have:

      • Created home budgets for families and businesses
      • Connected family and businesses with entities we think can help or fix their particular issues
      • Organized homes for every household member's comfort
      • Assisted in marketing businesses
      • Kept up with family's finances
      • Created custom marketing material for business branding
      • Gave professional advice on items needed to help keep a home or business better organized
      • Advised families of the dangers of their financial situation

    Is there something we can manage for you?

  • Administrative-Management


    • Creates Policy and Procedure Manuals for small businesses
    • Administrative training for small offices
    • Basic Quickbooks training for you or your staff (working knowledge of)
    • Creates annual employee attendance sheets (small businesses)

    If there is something you think your small office needs that we may be able to help with give us a call.

  • Finances-Bookkeeping


    SBI provides different services for each and every business's needs. We discuss with our new clients (you) services available and tailor a package that will be beneficial for both yourself and your business.

    • Bookkeeping (Quickbooks and elaborate functional spreadsheets)
    • Budgets (creates annual home and business budgets)
    • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable assistance (A/P, A/R)
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Data Entry and More

    Contact us if you need help on any of these issues.


    "You're an INVESTMENT not an EXPENSE." Matt V., Gold Coast, Chicago.

  • Marketing

    Marketing (general)

    Is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers

    • What is your business objective
    • Who is your target audience
    • What is your company's message

    We have made quite a few connections over the years. If you're a small business or start-up company, contact us to see how we can help you.



    "I got it. OMG, love it...." "I'm in tears. I'm so much closer 'cause of you. {Susie}" R. Mixon, Westchester, IL (Marketing client)



  • Miscellaneous Services

    Miscellaneous Services

    • Professional custom business cards, letterhead and brochures
    • Cover letter and Resume writing
    • Social event planning tips (contact us)
      • Baby Showers
        • We have 20 questions that will help you decide how you want this event handled. We pride ourselves on doing a the best job for our clients. Contact us for our FREE questionnaire.


        • The breakdown amounts of these 20 questions will help you budget for this event.


      • Family Reunions
        • SBI has written questions for this event and a checklist to make sure everything is accounted for to avoid any last minute issues. Yes, we think you'll find it's exactly what you needed.


        • Please contact us for additional tips and how we can help.


      You'll be surprised as to what we've come up with to help our clients, especially our social event tips. You'll like our business cards too.

  • We Can Show You How To

    • Get your finances in order

    • Find space you never knew you had

    • Achieve a sense of peace in your home or office

    • Organize your furniture for better flow and balance

    • Keep track of all your receipts and get ready for the IRS

    • Get it together so you can stop spending time getting it together

    • Find a place for everything so you won't spend time looking for anything

    • Go ahead. Tell us how we can help.