Tip Sheets

Simple Organizing Tips That Work

"The hardest part is getting started."

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    Bed Room

    Older/Unworn Clothes:

    Get rid of all the clothes you haven't worn in over two years even if the tags are still on them. Donate them to a non-profit organization or thrift store. There are also stores that will buy your NICE in-style clothes: Platos Closet, Clothes Minded, Consignment Shops, etc. You will feel a sense of freedom. Try it. Don't allow these items to take up space you can use for items you actually use.


    Buy plastic clear shoe boxes with lids (see left). It will save you a lot of space in your closet. They have grooves that stack on top of each other. They also keep your shoes neat and clean. (approx. cost: $0.99 - $1.99 ea.) Many times during the year you can find them on sale at Target, WalMart, Walgreens, or K-Mart. We do not recommend the shoe racks that line up on the wall or floor—they just take up more space.


    Ladies, if you have lots of clothes but not a lot of space, buy skirt or pant hangers that fit from 5 to 10 items each. It will only take up one hanging space in your closet. Isn't that what you want--five items that fit in the space of one?

    Best Organizing Tip:

    KEEP THINGS VISIBLE. Out of sight/Out of mind. If you don't see it, you won't use it. So keep things you want to use visible.

    Contact us for more organizing tips on storing belts, scarves, jewelry and more.

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    Every month on the 1st, take a letter-size envelope and write the current month and year on it. Every day or two, clean out your wallet and place the receipts in the envelope. If there are CREDIT CARD receipts, take them out after you receive your credit or debit card statement, match the receipts and place them with the corresponding statement. Do this every month and you'll end up with only 12 envelopes and your receipts well organized. Stack the most recent month on top (in descending order – Z to A) and rubber band them all together. Contact us for more detail.

    Making files:

    If possible, invest in a file cabinet. We like the lateral ones. Buy the green hanging files (no colored ones) and the plastic tabs that come with them. Take all the loose papers in your home including the ones on your desk or kitchen table and make categories for them (It won't take long.) hand-write the categories on the paper that slides into the plastic tabs. Place the tabs on the green hanging files. Viola! You're organized. I knew you could do it. Contact us for sub-categories. You'll likely need them.

    Special filing tip:

    When making your automobile file (put the name of automobile on the file), you will want to keep manilla folders of sub-files of categories such as, REPAIRS, INSURANCE, TICKETS, ACCIDENTS, GAS RECEIPTS, etc. It will save you time. We have seen it work for years.

    We can certainly come and do the initial setup for you for all your simple organizing needs.



Home Staging Tips

"if you want to sell or rent your home"

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    All Rooms:

    • Open windows to get fresh air
    • Clean window and window seals
    • Clear out all standing boxes in the home
    • Thoroughly clean the entire house
    • Pack up all family and personal photos
    • Remove all personal family photos and pack them away


    • Remove all personal items off the refrigerator
    • Put away small appliances (not microwave)
    • Put away dish detergent and cleaning items under sink
    • Be conscious of broken tile -- repair or conceal the best way possible


    • Only have hand liquid dispenser soap on sink or counter
    • Remove toothpaste, dirty towels, laundry, cleaning supplies and used personal items
    • Put in a new shower curtain – an inexpensive one
    • No carpet around the toilet or lid – it's a no, no

    Bed Room:

    • Make sure carpet is thoroughly clean (we can recommend someone for you)
    • If closets are too stuffed, take some items out and store them away for a neater look
    • Remove personal items off dressers and counters
    • Clean all mirrors
    • Make sure bed is made up perfectly/neatly (unisex, please – not too girlie)

    Living Room:

    • Use vase and candles to decorate (sparingly)
    • Mirrors can work wonders for a living and dining room
    • Clean fireplace

    Dining Room:

    • Cut down on too much furniture (decorate less – store some of it for your move)
    • Get carpets thoroughly clean


    • Clean garage as best you can
    • Cut the grass and clean up all extra items from front and backyard – store them off site
    • Make sure porch is cleaned and swept well
    • Power-wash your home if it needs it
    • Trim hedges for a neat look


    This FREE tip sheet is just for those who want to go it alone with staging. Remember, SBI can come out and show you how to stage your home to sell or rent.



Social Event Tips/Questions

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    Baby Shower:

    We have 20 questions that will help you decide how you want this event handled. We pride ourselves on doing the best we can for our clients. Contact us for the FREE questionnaire.

    The breakdown amounts of these 20 questions will help you budget for this event.

    Family Reunion:

    SBI has written questions for this event and a checklist to make sure everything is accounted for to avoid any last minute issues. Yes, we think you'll find it's exactly what you needed.

    Please contact us for additional tips and how we can help.