Organizing (before and after)

You don't have to have a fancy home to be happy in your space.

These before and after homes needed some pieces moved around, and in most cases, just some organization for its peace. We avoid spending money when possible.

Yes, we do have clients who want and can afford their entire homes re-decorated. And, as you can see by the photos, we do that too.


We are happy to have clients who allow us to do what we do best....change the energy of their home.


All these accessories were chosen by SBI for a finished look. We want our clients to have a conversation piece in at least one room.

Small space decorating (condos/studios)

No matter what size the room, we're sure to come up with something to make you smile.

Styles (contemporary/traditional)

What's your style? Follow the photos in succession. Contemporary followed by a Traditional room – bedrooms, area rugs and offices. Tell us what's your style. Or, do you prefer "transitional"--somewhere between contemporary and traditional?