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Why Stage (Best way for selling or renting)

Let's be honest. When people come and see a house to buy or rent they want to see it clean and neat – without a lot of clutter around. Staging simply gets a lot of extra stuff out of your space and replaces it with nice pieces. Some buyers and renters can't see beyond the clutter. It could easily stop them from wanting your home. (See Home Staging Tip Sheet)

Here's a quote we received about this section of our website, "Yeah, you're right. When I look online for an apartment, if I see it with a lot of stuff in it I don't wanna see it anymore." T. Dear, Bolingbrook, IL

Why Re-Decorate

The way furniture is laid out in a home will give the house better energy and balance. Period.

Why Organize (Closets/Home/Office/Finances)

Who are we kidding? Organization is better than re-decorating and staging your home. Getting organized helps you find E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. And who doesn't want that? (See Organizing Tip Sheet.)